Monday, November 19, 2018

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Club Row Information

Club Row during CFT #4
Welcome to Club Row

Thank you for your interest in having your club, group or team represented along our Club Row. We appreciate that clubs, groups and teams bring their canopies and cheer for everyone in the race. Club Row is a FREE community resource provided by Sommer Sports. All multi-sport clubs, groups, and teams are welcome.

For safety and out of respect for other participants, please do not set your canopy up closer then 20' from the course. You can bring chairs and tables to for your use.

Spots can not be reserved. You can use either side of the South Lake Trial to set up your canopy. As a rule of thumb, several clubs start to set up their canopies at first light (dawn).

Canopies are not allowed along the finish line chute or finish line area.

We realize that having sponsors helps pay the bills, but we can not allow individual logo'd banners from companies that are not our event sponsors. If you have multiple sponsors and wish to put all of your sponsors on the same banner, that is OK.

You are free to sell club related/logo'd merchandise and to pass out fliers that are directly related to gaining membership for your club, group or team.

Because storms can seemingly come from no-where and build very quickly in Clermont, we need to make sure that your canopy is secured to the ground, preferably using weight as opposed to tent stakes.

We look forward to having more clubs, groups, and teams out in the future and want to see club row grow into one of the largest in the country.

Though Sommer Sports appreciates all of your effort into creating an inviting and warm club area, please note that Sommer Sports reserves the right to inspect any canopy or item offered in your club area. Items or activities that are prohibited by law will not be tolerated in club row.

For more information, please contact Mark.